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Kapiti Coast based net label, specialising in "...musics that other musics don't cover". Currently home to the "Our Circular Friends" series of virtual seven inch releases.

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A physical music cataloguing website for hopeless music nerds everywhere.

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In 2007 I was asked to replace the generic Joomla based website of Brisbane gaming store Gauntlet. The owner wanted a site that better reflected the type of gaming that was the bread and butter of the store, fantasy table top and card games, such as Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons based games.


A guy, looking a little bit silly

I have been designing and creating websites as a passionate hobbyist for more than 10 years, but I felt I needed to extend my knowledge and skills further. I enrolled in and completed a Diploma of Web Development at Yoobee School of Design (formerly Natcoll Design School). This has cemented my client-side development knowledge while teaching me valuable skills in server-side technologies such as PHP and MySQL.

I am looking for work in the Web Development industry, either as a client or server-side developer. I am reliable and hardworking, quick to pickup and apply new skills. I am computer literate and have a background in art and design, and enjoy challenges and problem-solving.


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My Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 127KB)